Bayard Fox Equitours LTD 

Horse back riding vacation and holidays world wide.

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bitterroot ranch

Bitterroot Ranch

Dude ranch with outstanding horseback riding programs.

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aha logo

Arabian Horse Association

Comprised of 26,000 youth and adult members, the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) provides a variety of opportunities for you to immerse yourself into the Arabian horse lifestyle. AHA is a full-service breed association and registry for owners of Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses.

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stanley ranch

Stanley Ranch

Dave and Molly Stanley have enjoyed a straight Spanish breeding program for four decades, and have imported ninety-nine Spanish Arabians to the USA. During that time they traveled to Spain 57 times to study the breeding programs there, and to maintain the Stanley Ranch breeding farm near Sevilla. Though they have bred other lines of Arabians in past years and find merit in them, the Spanish Arabian comes closest to their personal ideal for a number of reasons.

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sheep creek

Sheep Creek Kerry Blue Terriers

We are thrilled to share our home and lives with this magnificent breed. Our thanks to the dedicated breeders before us, who have spent years working to provide us with the best possible canine companions we have today to compete in the breed ring, obedience, rally and agility.

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Summerwind Spanish Arabians

Summerwind Spanish Arabians

From a solid beginning, selecting the finest breeding stock in the United States, we have grown from a small breeding farm to a world-class operation. This has been accomplished by staying involved with the Spanish Arabian community as well as continuing to perform the daily responsibilities caring for our horses at Summerwind.

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wojtek portrait

Wojtek is a very accomplished photographer living in Poland. He has a talented eye for capturing horses and has photographed a lot of Arabians as well as other horses and animals.


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 Missouri Northland Arabian Horse Association (MNAHA) is dedicated to promoting the Arabian breed and the people who love it! MNAHA holds annual horse shows and it's home to one of the best high-point programs for members showing in Class A and local horse shows.

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Michelle Tennyson - Equine Photography

Whether you are wanting photos for a magazine ad, to promote your stallion, foal photos or photos to brag to your friends about, I can be of service. I also specialize in turning your horse photos into beautiful works of art. Please ask about this service. And yes, I also photograph humans as well as your pets such as cats, dogs, birds etc. When I have the time I also photograph a horse show or two and will photograph your outside or garden wedding.


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spanish arab society

The mission of SAHS is to preserve, improve, and maintain the purity of Spanish blooded horses of the Arabian breed.  SAHS strives for the advancement of education for the benefit of the public, to promote and facilitate the acquisition and distribution of knowledge, in all countries, of the history, care and propagation of the Spanish Arabian.  In the remainder of this document it shall be referred to as the Society or SAHS.


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